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Well heres our code of conduct:
The most important thing to remember while you are a member of the guild is that you represent the guild as a whole in all of your dealings. With this in mind you must act in a polite and controlled manner when dealing with other people outside of the guild. Things that may be acceptable in guild chat or on these forums may not be acceptable to others and we do not want to run into the issue of offending the gaming community. Our representation rests in the hands of all members of the guild.
1. You must follow the guild looting rules in all guild raids and encounters.
2. If you participate in a Pick Up Group you must follow the groups loot rules at all times. If you do not know or understand what the looting rules ask. If you dont agree with the looting rules leave the group before before you go on the raid. Do not get to the spot your group has chosen to raid and decide to leave the group because you didnt get the item that dropped.
3. Nothing derogatory to another member will be discussed in guild chat at any time. If you have an issue with a persons actions approach them in a polite manner and resolve the issue with that person in Tells. If you cannot come to an agreeable resolution then take it to an officer in Tells. The officer will then set up a private chat for the 3 of you to discuss the issue. If the officer is unable to resolve the issue they will send a tellto an AGM with a request to join the chat. The AGM has the final say in the resolution and all parties must abide by their decision.
4. Vent/voice chat is to follow the same rules as guild chat.

Loot Rules:

Courtesy is King
This is the most important rule of our guild. While we promote fair, nonDKP, looting it is up to each individual to "do the right thing". Remember, everyone should have a chance at epics. If you recieve an epic, or have had a lucky streak with lesser-classed items, please have the grace to withdraw from rolls from time to time.

Guild officers will settle all loot disputes, and make the final decision on classes eligible for loot. Disagreements may be civilly discussed on the forum after a raid, in order to improve future decisions.

In all cases these loot rules are those set by the guild and do not apply to Pick Up Groups started by someone outside of the group.

1. Need before Greed is the standard approach to all loot.
- Neet loot: Loot that will be immediately put to use and is an upgrade to current equipment on your main or that has been established as the objective of the group for a quest item. If you can use something be sure to speak up.
- Greed loot: Items for an alt or that would be sold and have not been set as need loot.
2. If there is a particular objective for the group such as a quest item or an upgrade it must be declared at the beginning of the nights outing.
3. All greed items are up for grabs to everyone who is in the group when the item drops this includes those pick ups we get from outside the guild. If you want an item disenchanted, ensure that the master looter, and any enchanters are made aware.
4. Pick ups will have the same rights to loot as other guild members.
5. If there is no Master loot, pass on all BOP items. The disposition of the item will be discussed.
6. World epic and rare drops will be discussed before people roll.

Raid Specific
1. The officers will settle all loot disputes.
2. 1 boss drop per run. Situation will arise where one person may be eligible for more than one drop due to class restrictions, dire need, etc. That is OK.
3. World epic and rare drops will be discussed before people roll.
4. Be considerate of your friends, peers, and guildies when deciding weather or not to loot.

Raiding Events
While we are a casual guild, and understanding of RL needs, be aware that behavior when raiding affects everyone's enjoyment. Assume all posted start times are solid. When online at the start of a raid do not stay in a battleground or on an alt while the party is forming. Do not assume that the warlocks will sumon you. Slow starts, and unprepared people can sap the fun from a raid, and prevent it from accomplishing goals.
Realize that learning bosses can be a difficult experience, and loot at times will be dissappointing. Bring a good attitude, and be prepared to learn and the guild will profit from it.

1. Be prepared. Install all required mods prior to the raid, repair all gear, have ample supplies (potions, anhks, bandages, etc.).
2. In all cases the guild loot rules will be enforced.
3. All available slots will be filled by those who participate in the guild scheduling forums first, to those who show up at the launch point before the raid second, lastly by those who are not in the raid.
4. If a raid requires that a pick up be recruited then they will not be booted from the raid to have their slot filled by someone in the guild.
5. Those that show up late will fill the slot of someone of the same class when they leave.
6. Summons are only to be given at the beginning of a raid for people that are ready and on time, pick ups, and replacements during the raid. People that are available but remain in battlegrounds or on alts during the start of the raid will forfeit their right to a summon.

If a guild member has an issue with anyone for any reason they should whisper one of the following officers with their grievance:
Executionx, Norro, or Folic

Refer to the guild list above and make note of who our officers are. They're here to facilitate our raiding experience so give them the courtesy required when direction is given from one of them. This goes for any designated class leaders too.
If you have any feedback or comments regarding raid invitations, loot systems, or anything else for that matter, take it to the forums and make your feelings known so we might adapt our methods.

The rest is common sense. Dont be a jackass, pull your weight, and you'll be a well respected and valued guild member. But just in case the obvious needs to be in writing, here you go: No racial, religious, or sexually abusive slurs, comments, or harassment will be tolerated.

For the sake of guild management, a minimum level of activity is required. In order to remain a member there can be a gap of no more than 60 days between in game activity. After 60 days the guild leader will remove you from the active roster and place you in the inactive members list on the forums. We understand life comes up and things happen to keep you from being in game RL will always take precedence over in game stuff. We just ask that you keep in touch with the guild via the forums if there is an issue. We will welcome old members that left in good standing back with open arms.

Special note
For the sake of guild management, please refrain from bringing numerous alts into the guild unless you plan on raiding with those alts. No AH and Storage mules are to be brought into the guild. If you have any questions reguarding anything discussed above please feel free to whisper an officer and we will be happy to answer them.

Guild Charter

Guild Leader - Executionx


Rank Names/Titles

Guild Master:
Leader of the guild, acts as the arbitrator with issues/concerns that the officers cannot single-handedly reconcile.

Responsible for keeping the guild a fun place to be and will be required to mediate issues/concerns that occur within the guild.

These are members who have gone the extra mile to help other guild members or the guild officers and show knowledge of raiding/party mechanics as well as play strategies mostly LVL 80 only.

The general member base

All New members OR players with less knowledge of the game. New members will spend at least a 2 week period as SemiBadass. ALL alts will be SemiBadass to avoid double tapping of bank tabs.


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